I remember being in 8th grade and graduating a catholic school called “HCA”. I was now going into 9th grade and for the first time, a public school. Scared out of my mind, I met so many people through my so-called popular brother “Aj”, and through him I meet Jessica a.k.a “literaturebyjessc”. I also remember her always saying, “You look just like your brother”, and since then, we’ve been closer than close. After that day of just meeting her, something about her vibe was so welcoming, raw and just so down-to-earth, she was now a big sister to me.

She surprised the heck out of me when she started to pull out her raps/ poetry on paper. I didn’t know she had this amazing talent as a writer at first, but now she is growing so much in her work, I am so proud of her for taking her stuff to the next level. Her work is so raw to me, like the stories she create are so personal, but also a twist of fantasy and reality making you believe certain things. I’ve always loved that “realness” and “raw” sista inside of her. She never cared about what anyone thinks of her, and never will. She is a complete go-getter and that’s why I love her so much and look up to her as my big sister, I never had and the fact that she always tells it like it is, and being completely blunt with it, is something I always looked up to as well. Her heart is complete gold to me.

She always gives me advice whether I want to hear it or not and I’m so thankful and grateful God put her on this earth.  Keep on writing sis. This will all eventually pay off! Love you much Jess! Check out her beautiful work as well-



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