Dear Lord

They always told me.

About how you come along to save the day.

About how you grab hold of people and hold them tight, whispering “I love you ” at night.

You.. You always come through. When there isn’t any hope. I guess your just that dope.

You need no help, ever. You are the perfect storm during hot weather. You come just in time.

And for that , I will always love you Lord.

From your daughter,


Breanna Renee Leverett


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Message 2 all

In these days we don’t feel, we just ignore the signs of our pain.

When should we pay attention to it you might say? Maybe when we bleed or cry? Nah…

we just keep going until we stop moving. I never understood how humans hold in their emotions so well and they just keep moving like nothing is even happening with them,

but regardless I guess at the end of the day,

the end of that movie,

the end of a work shift, a funeral, a wedding, or even a date,

we gotta keep moving.





I remember being in 8th grade and graduating a catholic school called “HCA”. I was now going into 9th grade and for the first time, a public school. Scared out of my mind, I met so many people through my so-called popular brother “Aj”, and through him I meet Jessica a.k.a “literaturebyjessc”. I also remember her always saying, “You look just like your brother”, and since then, we’ve been closer than close. After that day of just meeting her, something about her vibe was so welcoming, raw and just so down-to-earth, she was now a big sister to me.

She surprised the heck out of me when she started to pull out her raps/ poetry on paper. I didn’t know she had this amazing talent as a writer at first, but now she is growing so much in her work, I am so proud of her for taking her stuff to the next level. Her work is so raw to me, like the stories she create are so personal, but also a twist of fantasy and reality making you believe certain things. I’ve always loved that “realness” and “raw” sista inside of her. She never cared about what anyone thinks of her, and never will. She is a complete go-getter and that’s why I love her so much and look up to her as my big sister, I never had and the fact that she always tells it like it is, and being completely blunt with it, is something I always looked up to as well. Her heart is complete gold to me.

She always gives me advice whether I want to hear it or not and I’m so thankful and grateful God put her on this earth.  Keep on writing sis. This will all eventually pay off! Love you much Jess! Check out her beautiful work as well-


Sting of Deception


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Sting of Deception

A burn, a sensational feeling,

That shot up to my hand in just a matter of seconds.

Looking down, watching the bee shake, crumble and die off. I wonder what was my lesson.

To make this dream seem real. I’ve punished myself way too long.

I’ve been harsh on myself, believing everyone was right, leaving me to always be wrong.

Was this bumblebee a sign? Did it take one little sting in my dreams, to wake up my unconscious mind?

Trying to get ahead, but yet getting nothing done. I thought college life was supposed to be fun, yet it seems like studying and work has taken up most of my free time and then some.

But Bumblebees are the scammers.

Bumblebees are the hackers,

And we the public, we the people, are its stinging tool, and the main laughing matter.

P.S.  This is a note for those who trust people so quick and yet believe they will not get hurt because you believe in love so much. I applaud those people who let down their guard and still after being hurt, open your heart up to others. You truly don’t find that in this world too often anymore. Pain is another emotion so much like love, it is so passionate like love and others. Just remember when you do get scammed and damaged is done to you either physically, emotionally, spiritually, sexually, or verbally, just remember to put some alcohol on your wounds and keep it moving. The healing process can caused pain, but it’s so worth it in the end. Growth hurts, but it’s worth it. It will always be worth it.




Let me suck you in real quick with this pen and paper,
I got things I gotta tell you, I got things I gotta vent.
Not good to keep things all inside, not good to try and hide but who am I?
Who am I to tell you what to do? Who am I to say what’s right and what’s not true?
You are in your teens now heading into the independent life , but maybe I could give you some advice before this all take strife. So….
The world is cold but don’t let it break ya smile. Don’t get into something if its no fire, no passion, behind it. Let it be worth ya wild.
Don’t be a know it all my child. Listen to what others have to say to you now.
Even though they might not be the same age as you, trust and believe they have been on the same page as you.
Let me suck you in real quick
but I hope you stay there and try to follow the words I spit,
and I hope your heart is strong and could bare all of this heaviness of these words and the meaning behind them. Don’t be afraid to express those feelings so go ahead, dig deep and try to find them.
So embrace it, face it, but don’t waste it. I see nothing but greatness
but just have a little faith and you will get there and even though life isn’t always fair, just know…
You are loved, and you are special and that the world needs someone like you. Someone that can’t ever compare as to someone that is so rare to find in this lifetime.

08/23/2017 5:29 P.M.
P.S. NOTE * This was written for those who have the suicide thoughts, hard struggle in life and that are just battling things in life right now. Remember this and these words and become surrounded by nothing but positivity in your life and also keep in mind, the people you hang around, also gives off vibes. Make sure its nothing but positive vibes. Stay blessed to whoever reads this and much love to y’all.



Kiss the scars away,

Softly touch the spine,

Hold the body from behind.

You are mine; all mine.

Speak slowly to understand

And breathe in the air.

Hold on with gentle care.

Hold on tight. Don’t be scared.

Rub the back

Speak truth, speak facts.

Come close,

Where attention is needed most.

Grasp on love,

Hug me tight.

Is it wrong to say,

This feels so right?

Naked I came, naked I shall go.

Naked I came, naked I’ll always know.